Code hosting and management


The source code of Mastodon is hosted on GitHub. There’s two questions right now for the fork:

  • Where do we host it? It would be a pain to migrate e.g. issues later. I like Framagit since it’s a non-profit and use free software (Gitlab) but that’s only a suggestion.
  • How often do we merge progress made on Mastodon source code (at least at the beginning since everybody will not contribute to our fork right away)?

About the Organisation category

Framagit looks like a good choice to me :slight_smile:

I don’t have any experience maintaining a fork, so I may be wrong, but I have the feeling that ideally, a policy should be setup depending of the type of commit:

  • bugfixes (especially for security issues) should be cherry-picked as soon as possible
  • small enhancements can be picked more slowly
  • new features won’t probably be mergeable “as is” especially if there is custom development on the fork side

It could be interesting to have the input from people maintaining Glitch-soc (or other Mastodon fork) because they are likely to have an answer to that question. Maybe we could ask @ThibG?


For glitch-soc:

(original in French)

je suis master le plus précisément possible, en général ça se passe bien, mais y a occasionnellement du boulot.
Un inconvénient à faire ça c’est que glitch-soc a pas de releases.

I suppose we can start off the upcoming Mastodon 2.7 and plan for a few features/improvements we want to have for a first release; it’ll let us a bit of time to plan how to make new releases and integrate the changes we want from upstream.

At least, I would like it be easy to migrate from Mastodon to our fork so we should try to follow Mastodon for a few releases.


Framasky converted the CircleCI configuration to GitLab CI: