Means of communication


So we set this forum in place.

It is a place for users and contributors to communicate in a more accessible and less constrained way than GitHub.

It might be a good idea to have a (easy-to-join and accessible to non-techies) instant messaging channel at some point, so it can used to answer quickly to simple support requests, be used for meetings and generally discuss about the project in a less formal way.

Also, I’d like to have a blog so we can publish the announcement and updates about the project (what we do, why and let users know about ongoing decisions). Plume might be a good candidate since it is using ActivityPub.

About the Organisation category

I second the choice of Plume as the engine for the future blog. But it requires a proper domain name, so why not use another platform to publish the announcement in the meantime?

For the instant messaging channel, I suggest we use XMPP. I know it’s not the most popular choice, but it uses public protocols standardized by the IETF, it is stable and there is clients for it available on all platforms.


I agree with you, instant messaging is usually required in parallel of forums (and not only to non-techies by the way :D)

XMPP would be ok for me. Should we consider using Matrix? It’s not standardized at the IETF (I think), but it’s still built on open standards and technologies, and I know plenty of fediverse members that are using it too.


Note that Matrix has lot of bridges available.

Personally, I was thinking of something that can be accessed without an account (like IRC) or with an account on an external service like what offers Discourse, but more user-friendly.

I just saw that Discourse has a chat plugin, Babble, and it has the benefit to not scatter our discussions on yet another platform.

Anyway, I think this is not the most urgent thing so we can take our time to study different alternatives.